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Volkswagen passenger cars and light commercial vehicles -
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Mikhail Semenikhin
Head of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Russia
Volkswagen Group Rus


One of our main goals is providing a sufficient level of profit to Volkswagen Group Rus and our dealers. We still remain financially healthy company and we do not offer anything that would bring losses to our shareholders or the shareholders of our dealerships. Our dealers trust us, because the company acts economically reasonable. And believe me, these are not just some slogans. No matter what administrative resources you possess, you cannot force your business partner to do something which is unprofitable.


Lars Himmer
Head of Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand in Russia
Volkswagen Group Rus


The Volkswagen brand, its dealers and customers have come quite a winding road in the recent three, four years; a lot has changed in our lives. Fortunately, everything is looking much better today. The market is steadily becoming stronger, the sales are going up, and we are adding new models to our lineup. Volkswagen is quick to respond to the demands of the Russian market, and this will never change. We see how fast the SUV segment is growing, how popular these cars are with the customers. So we are offering two new models in 2018: the Teramont and Touareg. Magnificent and huge, the seven-seat Teramont with a reasonable price is for those who have grown out of the Tiguan. The third generation of our traditional bestseller, the Touareg, debuted in Russia in summer 2018, and we are proud of this embodiment of the brand’s latest technologies.


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Volkswagen passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

The exhibition will affect the sphere of electric mobility and eco-friendly solutions. In addition, as part of the exhibition in the open air, visitors will have the opportunity to make a test drive of various Volkswagen models, including the 2018 premiere - Volkswagen Teramont and the new Touareg.


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The Volkswagen brand is present in more than 150 countries and produces its cars at more than 50 plants in 14. In 2017 Volkswagen produced more than 6.23 million cars, including such bestsellers as the Golf, Tiguan, Jetta and Passat. 198,000 people currently work for Volkswagen all over the world. It has 7,700 dealerships employing 74,000 people.
Russia’s demand for Volkswagen vehicles is steadily growing in 2018. The sales growth amounted to 21.4 percent in June 2018 and reached 21.5 percent after the first six months. The bestsellers are the Tiguan and Polo.
Volkswagen is developing new-generation mobility. E-mobility and the advance of digital technologies are its key strategic tasks.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is an independent brand within the Volkswagen Group that covers all global activities relating to light commercial vehicles, people carriers and camper van.
This includes the development, production and sales of the successful Transporter, Caddy, Crafter and Amarok models, as well as strategic planning and developing into new markets. Each individual model is designed to meet the specific transportation and mobility needs of their private and commercial customers.

Products and projects

Limited to a run of 999: California 30 Years Marking the iconic camper van's 30th birthday

Volkswagen I.D.

Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen Teramont

The new Volkswagen Touareg