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Exhibitors-2018 / Automotive accessories

Driving the Future
Webasto CE (Germany) is one of the world-leading producers of vehicle roof elements, heating and climatic equipment, supplies most vehicle manufacturers worldwide.
The subsidiary of Webasto, Webasto Rus, founded in 2000, is the General Distributor of Webasto in Russia and offers full range of their products:
- preheaters (independent water heaters) for all vehicles
- air conditioners as well as independent and auxiliary air heaters for commercial and special vehicles
- sunroofs. panorama roofs and roof modules for cars
- roof hatches for commercial vehicles and buses.
The new areas of work for Webasto are the electric water heaters, charging units and batteries for electrical and hybrid vehicles.
The Russian subsidiary of Webasto has its Main office in Moscow region as well as offices and stocks in St.Petersburg, N.Novgorod, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk and a service net with over 500 partners in over 50 regions of Russia.

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