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Auto Plus, TV channel

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Address: 127427, Akademika Koroleva St., 19, Moscow
Fax: +7 (495) 617-95-87

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Auto Plus is a TV channel about cars and other motor vehicles.
The entire range of the automotive world is on air in these programs and reporting from the best journalists: test-drives of new cars, auto world news, top events, road expedition diaries, reports from world motor shows, expert advice and heated discussions.
The hosts of Auto Plus TV shows set asphalt-boiling speed records, test the latest products in the car industry both on urban highways and in impassable swamps, and set off on exciting expeditions along the endless roads.
Auto Plus lets viewers keep abreast of the latest car news and stay informed about important automotive events. Auto Plus is among the first to test innovations from the domestic and foreign car industry.
The most notable features of Auto Plus are the wide range of test-drives it carries out, its own news service, practical TV shows, and its emphasis on relevant events.
This year Auto Plus celebrates its 10th anniversary.